About us

The brand MELLER was created with the adventurous backpacking spirit of its founders. Creativity and the will to create exotic sunglasses are the main drivers of this fashion company from Barcelona.

The company name and logo originate from the biggest chameleon in Africa, MELLER. The colors of the sunglasses are designed to remind people of both the colors of the chameleon and the most stunning locations of the African continent.

Sceneries like Kubu Island and Lake Nyasa gave us the inspiration for the first Meller collections, which are named after these locations. The different frame colors are named after the mysterious chameleon species of the African continent.

MELLER aims to break away from traditional forms with a new line of circular frames and polarized lens of highest quality.  The sunglasses are based on a modernistic design enhanced with a certain exotic MELLER appearance.

The result is an explosion of colors which communicates a certain way of being and a lifestyle.

Our sunglasses are of the highest quality while also being fairly priced.  We give you the product, but you are in charge of finding your own way of seeing the world with them.